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135(1) and 135(2) Warrants

Once a Warrant has been authorised our crew will meet with the clinical team and Police to effect the Warrant and convey the service user to a Place of Safety for assessment/treatment

136 Support

Once a person is detained under section 136 of the Mental Health act our team will convey the service user to a Place of Safety for assessment. 

Children and Young Persons

We can provide secure transport services for children and young people with criminal or welfare secure court orders.

Court Apperances

We can escort a number of service users to and from court hearings and sentencing. Will work with you to make sure arrivals are prompt and ensure the correct level of secure transport is provided.

Outpatient Appointments

Our team can safely escort the service user with a hospital staff to their appointment, wait and return them.

Prison Transfers

Our team will convey prisoners to a psychiatric hospital and return them once treated.

Hospital Transfers 

Hospital and care home transfers are a daily occurrence. Our trained staff will provide reliable and professional services ensuring transfers are safe and efficient. We can accommodate both local and out of area transfers. 


We can provide the necessary level of staff for the supervision of service users who require a stay in hospital.

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